Queen Elizabeth National Park

Best Place
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Queen Elizabeth National Park is the most popular savanna park in Uganda and the best place to see lions including the Tree Climbing lions making it the perfect destination for a Uganda Wildlife Safari. It prides itself on a great diversity of habitats that include: lakes, savannah grasslands, forests, and wetlands that serve as home to the biggest variety of large mammals in the country.

A large number of tourists flock the park to Ishasha sector to track the lions and enjoy an up-close encounter with these unique tree-climbing lions and also observe this unique behavior.

Where Is Queen Elizabeth National Park Located?

One would wonder where Queen Elizabeth National Park is Located. Well, it is found in the western part of Uganda laying between Lakes Gorge and Albert with the Kazinga Channel crossing through its 700 sq mile land area. The park was named after the Queen of England in 1954 following her visit.

The park is home to 618 bird species which is the 6th highest diversity in the world and the highest in Africa making it a perfect destination for Uganda Birding Safaris, in addition to 10 primate species like chimpanzees and 95 mammals including big game.

Game Drive

Conducted early morning and in the evening give tourists a chance to see different animals like buffaloes, leopards, elephants, giraffes, lions, antelopes, hippos, various reptiles and birds

Best Time To Visit Queen Elizabeth NP

The Dry season that runs from January to February and from June to September is considered the best time to visit with the peak safari time in Uganda being from June to September, while Migratory species arrive in August to December, and March to May offering the best birding time

Where To Stay | Accommodation

With a wide variety to lodges, campsites, hotels and tented Camps, Queen Elizabeth National Park offers accommodation for everyone like the Ishasha Wilderness Camp Queen Elizabeth National Park irrespective of your budget and these range from luxury, mid-range to budget facilities. checkout our most recommended Accommodations in Queen Elizabeth National Park for a more information on each facility

Bird Watching

With a bird list of over 600 bird species, it’s no doubt that this is one of the best bird watching paradises in Africa. Uganda has over 1,000 bird species and more than a half can be found here.